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Shops, malls, hairdressing salons and many other places are visited by customers with children. Modern children not familiar with old-school arcade machines. They will be interested in them for sure. Many our in-game features such as "score accumulation", "top players" board and other do not allow kids to be indifferent. Arcade machines can be used to spend time very joyfully.

If you are interested in game development, we will be happy to help you with this. Our game machine development software solutions allow to develop qualitative games, so this production is consistently popular among our clients. We rely on our experience in many kind of games development together with your business requirements.

Our game machine software ready to work on several hardware platforms. We know many difficulties, which concern a problem of how to create a game software. Based on ARM gaming board we developed a special hardware platform - cost efficient, compact, effective. It supports a list of required features to provide stability and security in all based on it products.

Our gaming machine software are able to operate:

  • Various kind of games;
  • Multigame system;

Just ask - and we consult you what we can do.

We already support a lot of well known in industry features, that are used in such machines and terminals:

  • Touch screen;
  • Bill acceptor;
  • Thermal printer;
  • Hardware buttons, lamps;
  • Coin acceptors and other pulse devices;
  • Card readers;
  • Standard JAMMA harness;
  • Single / double monitors mode;
  • Any other USB/RS232 device*;

Also we have an industry based "must have" stack of features, that are required to provide safety of data:

  • Unique serial number;
  • Hardware and software copy protection system;

The custom game development work does not mean only creating brand new games. It also includes various customizations, creating new features within existing games and so on. We create games by our software - Enngenie SDK. It is a set of convenient and efficient tools which makes game development fast, simple, productive. It is possible to implement in our software new features, that our customers want to use.

Our software development process includes all steps: game design, graphics, code programming, testing, game logic, sound creating. It is possible to use your graphics/sounds in games.

As a game development company we have a list of services, among which there are a lot of advantages:

  • A lot of expertise in games development;
  • Games and system customization service;
  • Cost efficient solutions;
  • Low-cost and complex projects experience;
  • Several hardware platforms support;
  • Intention to help you to realize your ideas;

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Copyright (c) Enngenie, 2019.

Copyright (c) Enngenie, 2019.

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Enngenie - facebook page   Enngenie - twitter profile   Enngenie - youtube page